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Eyemimo False Lashes: Product Info and Review

Earlier this week, Eyemimo were extremely kind in sending me a very generous 6 pairs of their false eyelashes to try out. 

I remember back when I was first getting into makeup, I HATED wearing false eyelashes - I could never apply them properly and I hated the way they felt against my eyes. But there are so many great false eyelashes out on the market now that are lightweight and feel so natural when worn that I just can't get enough of them these days.

Now I've had a chance to properly examine and wear each pair of eyelashes, I can now tell you a little bit about them!

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Eyemimo is private company based in the San Francisco Bay Area and is a global leader in producing hand-crafted false eyelashes and mineral foundation since 2007.

Each pair of Eyemimo false lashes are created from synthetic or sterilized human hair. The brand are confident when they say a rigorous quality-control process ensures the highest standard of excellence in manufacturing and distribution.

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The #NTR06 lashes are beautifully full, long and wispy and are part of Eyemimo's 'Natural' collection. They are made out of sterilized human hair - As these lashes have a very natural look to them, they could easily be worn throughout the day time but are nothing short of sexy - making them equally fabulous when worn in the evening, too. These lashes have an invisible lash band which makes them more flexible than a standard lash band which results in them being extremely comfortable to wear.

#NTR04 - Click to enlarge
The #NTR04 lashes are unsurprisingly part of Eyemimo's 'Glamour' collection, and are fuller and very feathery. These gorgeous lashes would be stunning when worn in the evening, but aren't too dramatic that they couldn't be worn in the daytime for casual get-together's. Like the #NTR06 lashes, they are also made out of sterilized human hair, making them feel very soft and natural to the touch. As they are a pair of the more fuller lashes that I chose, these ones don't have an invisible lash band. However, the lash band is still extremely thin which, once again, makes them very comfortable when worn.

#NTR23 - Click to enlarge
The #NTR23 lashes are extra long and are the perfect lashes if you're looking to add extra length rather than adding volume and - like the #NTR06 lashes - are part of Eyemimo's 'Natural' collection. These lashes are also made out of sterilized human hair and  would look particularly beautiful during the daytime. They also have an invisible lash band - so no need to disguise it with eyeliner on those minimal-makeup-days we all enjoy once in a while!

#NTR26 - Click to enlarge
The #NTR26 lashes are mega full and super long, and are part of the Eyemimo 'Glamour' collection. Like the previous pairs, these are also made out of sterilized human hair. These are without a doubt the more dramatic pair out of my selection and although the have the same lash band as the #NTR04's, it's still very thin and flexible and isn't uncomfortable when worn. They are also surprisingly very soft and lightweight for how full they are and are perfect for a night out in town or a special occasion.

#NTR38 - Click to enlarge
The #NTR38 lashes are definitely the most natural pair out of my selection. They are short and feathery, and add a little bit of volume rather than any length. They are, of course, part of Eyemimo's 'Natural' collection and - unlike all of the previous pairs featured in this post - are made out of synthetic hair. Although they are the most natural lashes I received, the #NTR38's do not have an invisible lash band. I would highly recommend these lashes to anybody who is not used to wearing false lashes and is maybe a little intimidated by them as they only make a subtle difference (albeit a lovely one!). When I wore these, I actually forgot I was even wearing them until it came for me to take off my makeup that night! 

#NTR48 - Click to enlarge
The #NTR48 lashes are very similar to the #NTR06 in the sense that they are wonderfully wispy. These lashes are also part of the Eyemimo 'Natural' collection. I would personally say these lashes have more of a feline, 'fanned out' appearance compared to the #NTR06's. Although they are made out of synthetic hair, they are still super soft to the touch and are very lightweight and comfortable due to the invisible band. I wore these out on a night out in town, and I felt very girly in them, almost like I wanted to keep fluttering my eyelashes!

Like most false lashes on the market, all of these eyelashes are re-usable. Overall, I was VERY impressed with the quality and comfort that are provided with these lashes. I'm also sucker for packaging, and the dainty pink boxes put a smile on my face as soon as I opened my parcel.

The brand has such a wide variety of lash styles to choose from, ranging from - natural, glamour, coloured, individual and also bottom lashes. It's obvious that Eyemimo put a lot of effort into making sure there are lashes to suit almost anybody and every occasion. 

All of the lashes that are featured in this post each cost $6 a pair and I can confidently say that you will definitely be getting value for money with these products.

To see images of me wearing these false lashes, please feel free to check out my 'Eyemimo' label - and in the mean time check out the Eyemimo website!

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