Monday, 12 August 2013

Tip #1: Preventing Creasing On Oily Lids

Oily eyelids are a common issue for a lot of people including myself, and some find that using a primer alone does not prevent their eyeshadows from creasing as many brands say they will.

Depending on the primer, some may reduce creasing but don't stop it from happening altogether.
After battling this problem for months and trying to work out different solutions, I came across a few tricks last year that work for me.

After having tried a few different primers over the years, I found that Urban Decay's Primer Potion had always worked best for me. It still creases a little, but much less than other primers I have used so this is the primer I have resorted to using on a daily basis.

Below are a few tips that I've found help reduce creasing or keep it at bay altogether.

  1. Before going on to applying any makeup, use a cotton pad or a cotton bud/Q-tip to gently remove any oil from your eyelids.
  2. Lightly apply a translucent powder to your clean eyelid before apply any product or primer. This will help absorb any excess oil or moisture that your primer will otherwise sit on top of. 
  3. Avoid applying too much primer. Applying too much primer will result in the primer building up in the natural creases of your eyelids, meaning that it will begin to crease before it has even been set with any kind of powder 
  4. For VERY oily eyelids, try lightly setting the primer with translucent powder before you go onto applying your eyeshadow. 
  5. Try and restrain yourself from adding too much eyeshadow on top of your primer. We usually presume that the more product we use, the more we will set our makeup into place. But your primer will only be able to hold so much product in place before it will start to build up in all of the places you don't want it too. 

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I like to Urban Decay's De-Slick Translucent powder on days when my eyelids are extra oily, which I apply with a large, fluffy blending brush from BH Cosmetics.


  1. I SWEAR by the UDPP. It's my must-have, go-to product that I'll never stop buying. It's amazing for a natural, "no makeup" lid. Plus, you really only need a tiny drop, so you're definitely getting bang for your buck.

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    1. Absolutely, the UDPP seems to last me a life time and is by far the most effective primer I have used to date.

  2. Great tips! I use the translucent power trick, absorbs all of the oil and keeps stuff in place :)

    1. Thank you, Sweets. It's great little tip for excessive oiliness and I'm glad to know there are other who also use this method!

  3. I struggle with oily eyelids too! It drives me crazy! Next on my wish list is the Nars Eyeshadow primer, I've heard it works wonders!

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    1. I'd love to try the Nars primer as I've heard great things about it too. I think it'll be next on my list once I've used up my current primers.