Friday, 8 November 2013

Beauty Bakerie Cake Pop Lippies: Product Info & Swatches

I already posted a look a few days ago using a couple of eyeshadows from the cute indie brand that is Beauty Bakerie, and now I'd love to show you some of their super pretty Cake Pop Lippie lipsticks.

'Kiss My Ice' & 'Berry Yum Yum' Cake Pop Lippies - Click to enlarge

I'm lucky enough to have these lippies in two shades: 'Kiss My Ice', and 'Berry Yum Yum', and both are equally delectable. Beauty Bakerie offer a wider range of products and shades to choose from, so go ahead and look at their website to see what else they have to offer!

Please note that I used a Fuschia lipliner in both of these swatches to add extra dimension. 

  • Beauty Bakerie Cake Pop Lippie in 'Kiss My Ice' 
    Price - $12 each at

The first of the two shades is 'Kiss My Ice', a light 'barbie' pink colour. This lipstick has an ultra matte texture, and I found that it can be used as a slight wash of colour over the lips or alternatively can be easily built up to provide a fully opaque finish. 

I was initially a little worried that this colour would be too light for me as I'm so fair, but with a little bit of fuchsia lip liner to help break it up a little, I think it looks pretty damn cute.

If you suffer from dry lips like myself, I would heavily advise that you gently exfoliate your lips before applying a matte lipstick, like 'Kiss My Ice'. Beauty Bakerie also stock a sugar scrub at $10, so no fear - you can still rock this lipstick! 

One thing in particular that I noticed and love about 'Kiss My Ice', is that it has a sort of vanilla scent to it, much like MAC lipsticks. Perfect for a product that came straight out of the bakerie! 

'Kiss My Ice' Cake Pop Lippie - Click to enlarge

  • Beauty Bakerie Cake Pop Lippie in 'Berry Yum Yum' 
    Price - $12 each at

Now, onto 'Berry Yum Yum'! 

Firstly, what I'd like to point out about this lipstick is that from all of the swatches I have seen online, it appears to look completely different depending on skintone. On myself, it applies as a medium toned, vibrant purple. On some - such as the swatch on Beauty Bakerie's store - it looks quite light. So I'd keep that in mind if you're considering purchasing 'Berry Yum Yum', and make sure you search around for different swatches to try find out what this shade will look like on you.

Compared to 'Kiss My Ice's' matte texture, 'Berry Yum Yum' has much more of a satin sheen to it and feels much more hydrating on the lips. It doesn't have the same vanilla scent that 'Kiss My Ice' has, but the pigmentation in this statement shade overrides that anyway. 

Purple lipsticks are EVERYWHERE this Autumn, and this would make a perfect edition to anyones fall makeup collection.

'Berry Yum Yum' Cake Pop Lippie - Click to enlarge

What do you think? I adore them! I absolutely love the whole concept behind the brand, too. 

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