Saturday, 31 October 2015

Halloween: Possession

Happy Halloween! Here's an easily achievable demonic possession look for you today!

I'm not going to list everything I used for his, as it was put together using basic browns, warm-hues and black eyeshadows, most of which can be found in cheaper palettes such as the BH Cosmetics 120 palettes. Products that pretty much everybody owns and are very non-specific.

I used my regular foundation all over (because I am pale as hell anyway...), and contoured my cheekbones, nose, and inner eyebrow area with browns and blacks. I used the same products on the eyes, starting out with a warmer, reddish toned brown blended all around the socket area, and then finished off with a black all over the lid and lower lash line, again blending this quite far out. 

For my lips, I used my usual, lightest concealer all over and applied a black eyeshadow to the center, avoiding the most outer sections of my mouth. 

For the eye and mouth details, I used the same brown eyeshadow I used throughout to lightly trace where I wanted my markings to be with a small eyeliner brush. Then - making sure to stay closer to the eye and mouth - defined the lines with a black eyeshadow and a light hand, to give a faded effect.

I finished this look off with white mesh contact lenses that I purchased from , and made sure I didn't bother brushing my hair... Creepy, right?

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